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Life’s challenges can be overwhelming at times and keeping perspective is often difficult.  Kerry’s compassionate, open, and non-judgmental approach in her coaching makes her easy to talk to.  As a result of my coaching with Kerry, I have learned how to better manage my daily stresses and maintain focus on what is important to me.  Coaching has helped me live the life I want to live.


Kerry was an excellent guide to manifesting my inner strength when that strength wasn't clear. She helped me look at things from a perspective, which allowed new choices in my life to expand for the better. Her guidance and coaching helped to transform me into the more confident and calmer person I am today. Kerry's engaging and kind style, combined with her effective techniques, demonstrated how to change my mindset. She creates a space where you feel comfortable to completely open up, without any judgement. After any session with Kerry I was left feeling much more enlightened. She definitely has a knack for what she does.


The CFS Program was fortunate to have Kerry deliver a workshops at their location. The "In Risk"students  made an immediate connection with Kerry due to her warmth, honesty  and empathic nature. Her presentation style, including PowerPoint, kinestic activities, and direct communication kept the students both engaged and focused.

As well, Kerry created a safe and respectful environment where students felt comfortable to share and exchange their thoughts and ideas, both with each other and Kerry.  As a result we experienced several lively and thought provoking discussions.
Thanks again for coming to our classroom Kerry! I look forward to our next workshop!!
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