Get out of your head

At times, I used to get stuck in my head.  Stuck with negative thoughts my saboteurs and past beliefs created for me. They would try to knock me down, make me anxious and would keep me stuck.

Tony Robbins really resonates for me when he says:   We all get caught up in our own self-doubt. However, if you get in your head, you’re dead. The brain is a great tool to strategize with, but there’s a point where you have to use your heart, put yourself on the line, and do something. Instead of thinking too much, commit to a decision, act on it, and move yourself forward.  

Once I took my outside of my head and all those negative places I used to go and recognized that my inner critics were creating this uncomfortable feeling  I started to move forward with confidence and clarity of what it is I  truly want for my life.

I made a conscious choice to stop worrying about what I could not control and the acceptance of others and decided to live my life for me.   The changes that are  happening within are incredibly fulfilling and those parts of my life and the triggers that would set me off for a couple hours or even a day are few and far between now.   Sure, there are things that still set me off,  there will always be triggers which make me second guess myself or feel inadequate.   But they are put into maintenance mode now,  maintenance meaning I am a work in progress, I am mindful of them and I am living my life purpose of freedom, happiness, health and wellness.

Honouring my values allow me a clearer direction to who and where I want to be.

I am on a flight to where  I want to go now, not where I thought I was ‘supposed to’ go or what I thought I ‘should’ be doing.

I invite you to Get Out of Your Head